Unleash Your Avatar's Potential in the Ultimate Everything Game

Welcome to Role Model AI, the ultimate everything game where your avatar comes to life with extraordinary abilities. Join us on a gaming adventure like never before and unlock a world of limitless possibilities.

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Introducing Abilities: Custom GPT Models for Enhanced Gaming

ImagineGPT : Image Generation Ability

Transform your avatar into a digital artist. Generate stunning images, personalized logos, and captivating illustrations with a simple prompt.

SoundGPT : Music Generation Ability

Unleash your avatar's inner musician. Compose original music, catchy melodies, and energetic beats tailored to your preferences.

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Redefining Gaming with Role Model AI: Lets go on a Journey

Get ready for an unparalleled gaming experience as Role Model AI introduces Journey Mode. In this innovative game mode, every episode is a thrilling adventure that combines the immersive freedom and with captivating narratives. Each episode brings a new story, unique challenges, and exciting Abilities for players to earn and utilize.

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Create stunning images using Role Model AI.

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Harness the Power of AYOTA Coins

In the Role Model Game, unlocking and utilizing the incredible Abilities for your avatar requires AYOTA coins. Acquire coins through gameplay achievements, in-game economy, social interactions, time-based rewards, or optional in-app purchases. With AYOTA coins, you can unleash your avatar's talents and access the full range of Abilities.

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Generate music instrumentals with a prompt.

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