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Introducing Role Model AI, the revolutionary multi-dimensional assistant for the modern age. Experience the fusion of practicality and innovation as your virtual assistant becomes accessible through four dynamic interfaces: phone calls for on-the-go assistance, an interactive agent dashboard for detailed task management, a lifelike 3D avatar for immersive communication, and an engaging Fortnite world integration for a gaming-inspired experience. Role Model AI combines these diverse platforms to offer a unique, versatile solution for managing tasks and interactions. Join us on a journey of unparalleled convenience and discover a realm where your assistant adapts to your lifestyle, blending seamlessly into your personal and professional worlds.

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Multi-Dimensional Communication


Concierge By Role Model AI

Concierge by Role Model AI, where advanced technology meets personalized assistance, this innovative service offers users the ability to communicate with a sophisticated AI operator via phone, providing a seamless and intuitive experience for task management. Whether it's scheduling appointments, organizing emails, or obtaining information, our AI concierge is equipped to handle a diverse range of requests with precision and efficiency. Designed for convenience and accessibility, Concierge by Role Model AI brings the future of personal assistance to your fingertips, transforming everyday tasks into effortless interactions.

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Role Model AI Agents

Explore the future of task management with Role Model AI Agents – your customizable dashboard for efficiency and control. This platform offers a tailored experience, allowing users to perform a wide array of tasks with just a few clicks. From managing calendars and coordinating meetings to handling communications and data analysis, our AI agents adapt to your specific needs and preferences. The dashboard's intuitive design and personalized settings ensure that every interaction is streamlined and effective. Role Model AI Agents is more than a tool; it's a personal assistant, reimagined for the digital age, providing bespoke solutions for your professional and personal tasks

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AI 3D Avatars

Unleash your creativity with AI 3D Avatars by Role Model AI, where you can bring any character to life as your virtual assistant. This groundbreaking feature allows you to create highly detailed, customizable 3D avatars of anyone you choose. Transform these avatars into intelligent assistants, equipped with AI capabilities to assist with various tasks. Whether it's a famous historical figure, a fictional character, or a unique creation of your own design, these avatars offer a fun, interactive way to manage your daily activities. AI 3D Avatars by Role Model AI merges the worlds of imagination and utility, providing a unique, engaging assistant experience.

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Fortnite Worlds

Dive into the immersive world of Fortnite with Role Model AI, where interactive NPCs await to assist you. In this innovative integration, you can interact with AI-driven characters within the Fortnite universe, each capable of performing a variety of tasks. These NPCs, designed with advanced AI technology, respond to your requests, assist in gameplay strategies, or even manage real-world tasks from within the game. This blend of gaming and practicality opens up a new dimension of interaction, where the excitement of Fortnite meets the convenience of a virtual assistant. Experience the thrill of gaming combined with the efficiency of AI in Fortnite Worlds by Role Model AI.

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Features and Specifications

Role Model AI encapsulates state-of-the-art communication across four dimensions: voice, digital interface, 3D avatars, and gaming integration. This seamless blend offers voice-activated tasks, customizable control panels, personalized avatars, and interactive game-world assistance, all powered by advanced machine learning for an unmatched user experience.

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Google Gemini
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Custom AI Action Models
Social Media Automation
Lead Generation
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Customer Service
Image & Video Generation
AI Music Generation Tools
Software Coder
Over 50 Different Generative Tools

Example's of our AI at work


Create whole songs, instrumentals, or sounds with our AI


Create images from different models like Dall-e 3, Leap AI, Runway ML, & more directly on our platform.


Connect to RunwayML and other video generation tools

Lead Generation

Summon an AI caller to perform outgoing calls or take incoming calls.

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Virtural Worls

Create 3D Environments for game development, virtual tours, and more

Easing The Ways To Communicate With AI

Role Model AI is redefining interaction with technology, offering users a harmonious blend of voice commands, intuitive dashboards, lifelike avatars, and virtual game-world NPCs. Our platform ensures that you can communicate with AI in the most natural and convenient way possible, be it speaking, clicking, customizing, or playing. We're easing the ways to engage with AI, making it more accessible, personal, and enjoyable for everyone.

AYOTA Coin: Your Universal Key to AI Interaction

Introducing AYOTA Coin, the exclusive token system powering your interactions with Role Model AI's versatile communication platforms. AYOTA Coin is the key to accessing all four innovative forms of AI interaction: phone calls with the AI concierge, task management through the AI agent dashboard, engaging with customizable 3D avatars, and immersive experiences with NPCs in Fortnite worlds. With a balance of AYOTA Coins, users have the freedom to seamlessly switch between these platforms, ensuring a continuous and integrated AI experience. This token system not only simplifies access but also adds an element of gamification to your interactions, making the use of AI services more engaging and rewarding. Keep your AYOTA Coin balance topped up to unlock the full potential of Role Model AI's diverse and dynamic communication methods.

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