Become A Role Model
& Turn Yourself Into ChatGPT 

Introducing Rolemodel.AI, the ultimate personal AI assistant! With Rolemodel, you can create a digital version of yourself and experience the power of conversational AI like never before.

Rolemodel.AI, the revolutionary game that empowers you to create and customize your own personal AI assistant for personal growth and productivity. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to connect with other AI programs and platforms, streamlining your workflows, automating your tasks, and saving you time. Whether you're interested in learning game development, improving your nutrition, or mastering a new language, Rolemodel.AI provides a unique and engaging way to achieve your goals.

Customize AI avatar, learn, challenge yourself.

Create Custom Avatars

Generate avatars effortlessly by uploading an image

Expert In Any Field

Personalize your AI avatar's expertise by creating its background

Conversational AI At Another Level

Powered By GPT-4

Rolemodel.AI can generate human-like responses and provide expert-level knowledge in various fields. By leveraging the power of GPT-4, users can receive more in-depth guidance and advice on how to improve their skills and knowledge

Role Model AI (Gen 1) is Live!