About our company

Milan Cheeks

Milan Cheeks is the Founder of SELF Labs Inc and Role Model AI. Milan is the inventor and developer for the team. Milan is passionate about bringing a leisure lifestyle to individuals through modern technology.

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Alexander Mazzei

Alexander Mazzei is the Co-Founder of SELF labs Inc and Role Model AI. Passionate to change the lives of individuals

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Alex "Sleepy" Fernandez

Sleepy is the Dot connector, Head Hunter, and provides research for SELF Labs inc and Role Model AI

Cliff Locks

Cliff Locks is Serial Founder and CEO, M&A Mentor and Coach, Board Member, Global Executive Strategy Consultant, Investor, Author, and host of the Private Equity Profits Podcast. Cliff currently serves as an advisor for Role Model AI

The values that drive everything we do

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Using the power of AI we are always creating something new for either the game or a new solution for SELF Labs Inc.

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We are committed to changing the world for the better and providing the world with solutions to help them thrive.

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Everything can't be done alone so we look to partner with the most innovative solutions to make a better game for everyone.

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Data is important to us and even though it may not be important to you today, it will be one of your strongest assets. Thats why we make sure you own 100% of your data.

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Open Source

Role Model AI is an Open Source projects allowing developers to build their own version or use pieces of the game.

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The goal is to provide Role Model AI as an everything to not only enhance your lifestyle and promote growth but to also enhance businesses as well.

The Milestones of Role Model AI

November 2022

Foundation (The Pivot)

As you may know, at some point we were planning on releasing a web 3.0 gaming console but with the new surge of AI tools we decided to pause the console development and make a slight pivot. The pivot consisted of us changing the way we were building not what we were building. Instead of a full console we decided to make an Everything Game that can be hosted on any console and eventually release our own.

April 5th 2023

Platform launch

We launched the version 1.0 of Role Model AI

May 5th 2023

Built Custom GPT Models

On May 5th we developed our first set of abilities (GPT Models) and partnered with SoundRaw.

June 7th 2023

Version 1.5 Launch

On June 7th, we released version 1.5 that now offers abilities and a new UI enhancement

August 2023

Release over 50 Abilities

In August 2023 we will release over 50 new abilities (GPT Models)

Frequently asked questions


How much does it cost to generate an image?

It costs 1-10 AYOTA Coins to generate an image using ImagineGPT


How much time does it take to generate an image?

Depending on your internet speed the image can take up to 3 minutes.


Can I use the images for commercial projects?

Yes, you own the full rights to use the image for personal and commercial use.


How many images can I generate each day?

There are no limit to the amount of images you can generate.