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Phase 1: Initial Release Version 1.0 (Completed)

Role Model AI Version 1.0 was Initially released in April 2023. This included creating your avatar and chatting with it using GPT-3

Phase 2: Version 1.5 Release

Version 1.5 was released early June, which allowed users to now purchase abilities for their Avatar. Creating the avatar into an AI Assistant that can do multiple tasks.

Phase 3: Version 2.0 (Upcoming)

Version 2.0 will consist of the release of 50 new AI abilities allowing the Avatar to perform more complex tasks and Journey Mode, allowing users to visit the AYOTA Mall, and other worlds we build inside Fortnite.

Phase 4: Version 2.5 Expansion of AI & BCI Capabilities (Upcoming)

During phase 4, we will release Role Model AI as our native program on our AYOTA PCs. To combine the effort of our AI tools available on Role Model AI with our BCI Operating System "Cerebral OS". This will allow users to interact with Role Model by simply thinking the action they want to complete by using an EEG headset. Career Mode is also being released during this phase, allowing users to use Role Model AI as a personal assistant for their careers.

Learn more about our AYOTA PCs on the AYOTA website

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