Journey Mode

Coming Soon

In Journey Mode, you'll dive into a series of immersive episodes, each offering a distinct visual experience and an engaging storyline. Explore diverse worlds, encounter fascinating characters, and unravel the secrets that lie within. As you progress through the episodes, you'll not only be entertained but also equipped with valuable AI tools and abilities. Each episode is based off a real-world location. Starting with Puerto Rico.

Episode One: Palmas

The Quest for the Money Machine,” a group of unlikely heroes, led by Alex, embark on an adventure to find the Money Machine and break free from financial dependency. Along the way, they face challenges, encounter corporate tycoons, and rely on their skills and friendship. Guided by wise Role Models, they learn that the true purpose of wealth is to pursue dreams and make a positive impact. After trials, they activate the Money Machine, transforming Palmas and empowering themselves. Each hero follows their passion, such as Alex becoming an artist, Milan establishing a research institute, Wesley preserving humanity’s health, and Sleepy helping underprivileged communities. The game inspires players to question traditional ideas of wealth and strive for a fulfilling life.